Sunday, June 18, 2006

Tour Iceland

The New York Times this morning has this great article about traveling Iceland's 830 mile Ring Road and I so crave doing something like this. It would be so wonderful to see during the height of the Midnight Sun. Not this year with a teenager in the house but maybe in another year he will be really committed to working for college and we can take a great trip.
I hope this address works to read the article:
Reykjavik has plenty of guesthouses that are less expensive and more charming than the hotels. Alfholl Guesthouse, the Friendly Elves House, is centrally located; a double room with a shared bathroom is 9,000 Icelandic kronur, about $127 at 71.2 kronur to the dollar.
Doesn't it sound like a trip of a lifetime?

Finished both my mittens but still have to pick up the thumbs and knit them. Then back to my summer sweater knitting.

I am knitting this with a lovely linen/cotton blend. I think I will change the neckline as I couldn't really wear it with a bra a it stands. I will make a real neckline and cap sleeves I think.

The rain was good for the garden but it is really humid now. I was hoping to open the house up but Joe and Brian were complaining that it was too hot so everything is staying closed.

Patrick has gone away for the week to Boy Scout Camp. He was really looking forward to camp fun-lots of swimming and great food. He should have a great time!

Is anybody interested in this? Would you go on a backyard coop tour? It really sounds like fun to me. Let me know if you would like to do this. We could have lunch in Madison and even shop if you like. Take a look and let me know. I have the addresses.

Lynda, planning a big knitting day in A.C.

One of the advantages of being disorderly is that one is
constantly making exciting discoveries
-- A. A. Milne

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