Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Oh, a Cold Night and More to Come!

Yes it is cold and will likely get colder. No one wants to go out in this stuff but Terri and I went over to the local Pizza joint for supper tonight as they are doing a fund raiser for a friend who has cancer and diabetes and having a hard time getting the chemo and the other illness gets in the way. Anyhow-the place was packed! Full of families with children and grand parents and couples I knew and lots of people Terri knew too. So go figure, I guess for dinner, people WILL go out in nasty cold weather!

I finished one of the sleeves for Joe's sweater. This is going to be the nicest sweater, I hope! Looks like Joe will really wear it! Here is a picture of the arm and shoulder strap:

I also got another one of those heart sachets nearly finished. It is in a nice blue-y pink range and is going faster now as this is my third time knitting one. I think I will use them as Valentine gifts for my secret pal and prayer partner and my mom. If I make more, more will be given away!
Did I mention that I am reading a book called A Short History of Tractors in Ukrainian by Marina Lewycka? Publishers Weekly Review said:
The premise of Lewycka's debut novel is classic Viagra comedy: a middle-aged professor's aging and widowed father announces he intends to marry a blonde, big-breasted 30-something woman he has met at the local Ukrainian Social Club in the English town where he lives, north of London. It is clear to Nadezhda and her sister, Vera, that the femme fatale Valentina is only after Western luxuries certainly not genuine love of any kind. Smitten with the ambitious hussy, their father forges ahead to help Valentina settle in England, spending what little pension he has buying her cars and household appliances and even financing her cosmetic surgery. In the meantime, Nadezhda, a socialist, and Vera, a proud capitalist, confront the longstanding ill will between them as they try to save their father from his folly. Predictable and sometimes repetitive hilarity ensues. But then Lewycka's comic narrative changes tone. Nadezhda, who has never known much about her parents' history, pieces it together with her sister and learns that there is more to her cartoonish father than she once believed. "I had thought this story was going to be a knockabout farce, but now I see it is developing into a knockabout tragedy," Nadezhda says at one point, and though she is referring to Valentina, she might also be describing this unusual and poignant novel.
Well, I am really enjoying this so far! As a person with sisters I can really identify with the friction involved with living with people who know you so well, warts and all. These women had a big falling out at their mother's funeral and I have seen that happen too many times too!
Very interesting book and funny title.
Well that is all from here. Stay warm and enjoy your knitting or whatever you make!

This week's theme: words with hidden animals.

chatoyant (shuh-TOI-uhnt) adjective

Having a changeable luster like that of a cat's eye at night.
A chatoyant gemstone, such as a cat's eye.

[From French, present participle of chatoyer (to shine like a cat's eye),
from chat (cat).]

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TM said...

Where do you find these great books? My parents gave me a gift cert to Bookworld, as soon as I am better, we should go, you could help me choose a few titles. Joes sweater looks great, I have never done a saddle shoulder,are you enjoying it?