Monday, April 30, 2007

Canaries, Falcons & Oriental Frills

I have been watching the neatest Falcon Cam from the city of San Jose California's city hall. The nesting birds have three fuzzy babies and it is wonderful to see the care these parents are giving. I even watched her sleeping for awhile this morning. It was so funny when she woke up! Her head snapped up and she looked around all disorientated like she forgot where she had fallen asleep. Yesterday I watched her feed the babies a sparrow. It was somewhat gory but everyone has to eat I guess! She is so delicate with these chicks. They just hatched two days ago but are eating pieces of meat already.

My Oriental Frill pigeons babies are doing very well! The weather is finally stable and they should make it as their mother is a good solid hen. Nothing flighty about her! I wish I could get more than one pair to nest at a time but they all want just the one box. I have more but no one likes them! The nest box they all like is an orange crate turned on it's side!

The chickens are spending all their time outside now and when I put them in the coop at night their crops are tight and full. Steve is my oldest girl. And I suppose she looks it-though she just molted so that doesn't help either! She has to be at least five years old and I haven't had an egg from her in a while. Unless she is hiding them again!

Our friend Janyce H. just got some canaries and they are nesting sooo, I am hoping to add to my birds with another canary soon. I lost my male this winter and now have no singing as the canary I still have must be a female. She used to sing a little when I had the other canary but I guess some females will sing a little if there is a male around. I really miss that song in the morning. It is just so cheery and domestic, I think.
Oh and I finished my one ball exchange for the Madison Knitters Guild! And it isn't even May yet! I knit a small shoulder type shawl using Fibonacci Numbers for placement of eyelet rows and then got another ball of the same weight yarn to knit an edging on it as well. I will post a photo after blocking. It turned out pretty nice. Just hope the exchange person wears shawls and scarves or knows someone who does!
Now I can get back to knitting what I want to knit! I have five projects on the front burners right now and would like to work on all of them! Also bought some beautiful fabric to sew up some pretty bags. So, I guess I will sign off for now,
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JANYCE said...

HA! Entertainment at work! Love the falcon cam. Thanks for the link.

Lynda said...

Isn't it fun to watch them? How are your canaries doing?