Friday, April 20, 2007

Cedar Waxwing

Had about twenty cedar waxwings in my crab apple tree this morning! I went out in the back yard with the dogs this morning and stood there in my pajamas checking on what kind of day to expect and I noticed one on the fence and then I turn and saw the flock in the tree. It was a lovely sight. They usually do stop by in the spring and eat the old apples from last fall.
Then I went and worked 4 hours at the church ladies brat fry! my ankles are so swollen! Standing on that cement in the sun was a real killer. At least it was a nice day out for it-the youth group had the first brat fry of the season the beginning of April and IT SNOWED! Needless to say they didn't make much money!
My sister's surgery went well but there were cancer cells in the lymph nodes so some had to be removed. She stayed an extra day in the hospital as she was nauseous and couldn't keep anything down for a while. My mom and sister Jeanne have been staying there and I hope to get to see her sometime soon. Just want to spend a little time with her when she is up to putting up with me.
I hate to say it but I need to carry laundry down to the basement and get some stuff washed so I will sign off. By the way, is anyone reading the Flounder? What are your thoughts about the book so far? I remember it as a funny book but haven't found it to be terribly amusing so far. How about you?
├ęchapper (ay-shapay) verb to escape
Les gens ne connaissent pas leur bonheur, mais celui des autres ne leur ├ęchappe pas.
People do not know their own happiness, but (the happiness) of others does not escape them. --Pierre Daninos


B said...

Cedar waxwings were my favorite birds when I was a little kid--we called them sunglass birds. I hope you're sister's doing better.

Lynda said...

They were back in the tree thins morning! It is so cool to see them again. My sister had surgery on Tuesday last week and is feeling pretty good. Three weeks of doing nothing-wonder if she will go crazy? She is not built for sitting around!