Saturday, April 07, 2007

The Flounder Chapter One

Well the Flounder is a BIG book! I have been reading it for nearly a week and have only gotten through the first chapter!

So What do you think so far? Are you sympathetic to the fisherman or to his AWA?

What was wrong with culture before the flounder chose to speak to men?

The first part of the chapter is really telling us what Grass is going to write about in the whole novel. It seemed a VERY long prologue to me...I found myself thinking why doesn't he get on with it and tell me about the fishwives* down the centuries. That is really what I want to know about.

Oh and what did you think about a sex scene by page 4 ?!>?

Are you getting any feel for Grass yet? Do you think he has more sympathy for the man or for women?

*Random House Unabridged Dictionary defines fishwife as:

–noun, plural -wives.
1. a woman who sells fish.
2. a coarse-mannered, vulgar-tongued woman.
[Origin: 1375–1425; late ME fisshwyf. See fish, wife]

So the Woman is defined forever by her role as a "difficult" woman to live with, no? Kind of seems unfair to me...

A Flounder-from the face front...


It's a funny thing that when a man hasn't anything on earth to worry about,
he goes off and gets married.
Robert Frost

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TM said...

I have almost finished chapter one,,,,,,I am finding this book not the easiest to read, but compelling at the same time. I am somrwhat confused by the junping back and forth,,,,the trial, etc.

At this point, I don't think the flounder likes women AT ALL. Intersting, we will see. TM

OH, Happy Easter, call me this week when you have time.