Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Madison Yesterday-Green Bay Today

I had a wonderful day on the town yesterday with Michele and Terri. We started in Madison at the Indian buffet The Maharajah. Neither girl had ever eaten there so that was fun, but no goat was on the buffet on Monday! Oh well, maybe next time. Then on to Borders to buy magazines and books. I found a magazine called Faerie Magazine. It had an article on the art of faerie houses and Donna T. had collected a huge container of materials from their woods for me so I have the stuff to start creating houses. I think that we will try to get together next week to build the first houses. Probably on Monday, if you want to get in on the day's project! Next we went to Gayfeather on Willy Street and bought some fabrics and ribbons and things.

After Gayfeather, we went to the Bead Bin in Westgate Mall. Just looked around a little and then on to Stitcher's Crossing where I bought some more fabric-actually dish towels that I think will be the fabric for curtains for my back door! And I got some Caron threads too. Just love their variegated threads! Then we headed back to the east side and Panera's where we had coffee and tea and looked at some of the purchases and relaxed before we headed on home. Really a wonderful day all around! Thanks Terri and Michele for making yesterday one of the best Monday's I have spent in months!

Today I am driving up to Green Bay to spend the day with my sister. She sounds good on the phone but I don't know how someone as active as she is will be able to spend three weeks doing nothing! I hope she can manage it and rest up so that she will be strongest to start treatments whenever they want her to start! I am taking a casserole and some cooking magazines up. Also I got a gorgeous hydrangea in a pretty pot to take as well. She can have it indoors for a while and enjoy the lovely color and then plant it outside!

Here is a picture of son Brian with the young women he took to prom;

Really a nice looking lot of kids, I thought!
Talk to you later,
I finally figured out the only reason to be alive is to enjoy it.
-- Rita Mae Brown

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TM said...

I had such a good time on monday,,,thanks for all of it.
Brian looks so much like his Dad! very handsome, and wow,,three dates! TM