Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Belted Kingfisher

Guess what I saw today, coming home from Fond du Lac??? Right next to the golf course on the way out of town, I saw a kingfisher! It was on the wire by the side of the road in quite busy traffic!I haven't seen a kingfisher in years and it was in the wild, not on the edges of a fairly larger town! How cool is that?

Here are a couple of finished items:

Meida's Socks knit with an acrylic/wool blend for my sister Ann.

Large Toile Bag

Small Cotton Bag

Talk to you later,


Word Of The Day

(adjective) [mal-OE-dahr-ahs] 1. having an unpleasant or offensive odor: "Dan's car has been a malodorous little beast since the day he started combining Cajun omelets with his morning commute."
adverb form: malodorously noun form: malodorousness
Origin Approximately 1850; from Latin, 'mal-': bad, badly + 'odorus,' from 'odor': smell.


Annalee Blysse said...

I haven't seen a kingfisher in years. Would have been another variety.

In my backyard I have these tiny California quail. The other day at work I saw a huge quail. I don't even know what kind it was. But, it couldn't be the same kind that live in my yard.

TM said...

For a few years, we had a kingfisher that visited our backyard every day, first, he would sit on the wire, near the culvert and watch the creek. Then later in the day, he would perch on a tall post ,again near the water, and watch for prey. He was very patient,,,and would stare at the water for a looooong time and then SWOOP! I have not seen him this year. Michele