Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Industrious Monday

I had a busy day yesterday and it included much laughter! So I feel all healthy and refreshed today. That along with the drop in the temperature after the rain yesterday, feels great! Yesterday morning I went over to Michele P's and got my hair colored. I have not been able to afford getting my hair done professionally as she costs $ 65 and for me that is a tank of gas these days! So I was talking with our friend Terri N. and Michele and they suggested getting the do it yourself stuff and, well, doing it yourself! Well, as a hairdresser's daughter, I just don't know how to do this stuff. Mom always did it for me. So both Terri and Michele said they would help me. I knew Terri would be very busy yesterday as the monthly String Alongs meeting was at her house last night. So on Saturday, Michele offered her husband Dave to be my hairdresser! Yes, DAVE! Apparently he always does Michele's hair for her and he is meticulous and has a fine eye for detail. No stray grey hairs sticking out for me! So I went over to Michele's yesterday morning and took a bunch of stuff over to her and amid much talking and giggles, I got my hair colored! What fun! I love the young woman who does my hair, BUT, we NEVER laugh as much as I did over at Michele's with "Monsieur Dave" at the sink!

Michele also gave me her signed copy of Victorian Lace by Jane Sowerby. She got it as a give away when she attended TNNA earlier this month and felt it was not a book she would use. I had hesitated to buy it as it was $30 bucks and while it is a beautiful book, that is a LOT of money! So she kindly passed her copy on to me so that it would get used. Now I have to find that expensive skein of cashmere I put aside and cast something on from that lovely book!

Thanks to Michele P. for the wonderful gift!

We had the monthly meeting of the String Alongs last night at Terri's house and I had a delightful time as usual. Donna T. and Mary M. were unable to be there as they were at a 4-H seminar in Madison for the part of this week. And we didn't hear anything from Sandy A. or Eugenie, and no Susan, as she is out of town at shows but we did hear that Elaine Hendrickson is working a lot processing fiber at her custom carding mill and doing quite well. Anyhow, Terri made sloppy joes and strawberry shortcake and there were salads and desserts and tea and lemonade. We had a show and tell, with Bee showing a couple of lovely shawls and Cathy had a sample she had woven in advance of class she is taking at Sievers on Washington Island that was stunning. I can't imagine making a sample that gorgeous! Michelle Z. had a lovely shrug-like sweater that she knit in, I think she said, a weekend! And she made design changes to the original pattern to suit her body. Very successful garment, I thought!

We had such a nice evening and I didn't get home until nearly midnight! I can imagine how late the girls that drive any distance got home, but it is worth it. A really great bunch of women...

Wish you could have been there,
We confess our little faults to persuade people that we have no large ones.
Francois de La Rochefoucauld (1613 - 1680)

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