Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Tuesdays at Loose Ends

Monday: Wash Day

Tuesday: Ironing Day

Wednesday: Sewing Day

Thursday: Market Day

Friday: Cleaning Day

Saturday: Baking Day

Sunday: Day of Rest

There was a reason for the day's work and hopefully you had the energy to do what was needed on each day. I grew up with four sisters and for many years at home, we always baked on Saturday. And I certainly remember my mother doing all the washing on one day. We grew up pretty poor and Mom had to heat the water for washing on the stove for many years. We didn't have running water in my home until I was 10 years old! And that old ringer washer was a treat too!

Well, Tuesday was ironing at Loose Ends Yarn Shop. Michele ran a promotion that had Betty, her right hand, doing up to three pieces of ironing for you while you shopped for all the great new yarns they ordered at TNNA. Well, I just had to take advantage of that! My husband wears cotton chef jackets to work every day. These are not fun to iron...they come out stiff as a board. Look at Betty at work:

Oh yes, did I mention, that Betty and Michele dresses as washer women? Take a look at Michele

Had a great time with the girls and really appreciate how creative Michele is and what a nice job Betty does!

Thanks for making Tuesday a fun day!
Talk to you later,

The most important work you and I will ever do will be within the walls of our own homes.
Harold B. Lee
(1899 - 1973)

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gail said...

Yes, I always wonder whether I should organize my housework according to the old tradition. My grandmother washed on Monday, and for a year she was laid up with a blood clot in her leg. My mother stayed home from school every Monday to do the wash for the family of 9 kids. Now, my mother says, "Why didn't we just ove wash day to Saturday???"