Friday, June 22, 2007

Ways to Live and Not Merely Exist

Found this cool blog today: Dumb Little Man and one of his/her entries was about really living. Had some great ideas such as:

2. Get outside. Don't let yourself be shut indoors. Go out when it's raining. Walk on the beach. Hike through the woods. Swim in a freezing lake. Bask in the sun. Play sports, or walk barefoot through grass. Pay close attention to nature. I especially like that at this time of the year. Just sitting in my back yard is a pleasure in itself!

23. Play with children. Children, more than anyone else, know how to live. They experience everything in the moment, fully. When they get hurt, they really cry. When they play, they really have fun. Learn from them, instead of thinking you know so much more than them. Play with them, and learn to be joyful like them. Kids do have this great way of reacting to fun-they just jump in and do it!

25. Learn new skills. Constantly improve yourself instead of standing still -- not because you're so imperfect now, but because it is gratifying and satisfying. You should accept yourself as you are, and learn to love who you are, but still try to improve -- if only because the process of improvement is life itself. I think that is why I keep trying to learn new stuff in knitting-it keeps it exciting!

33. Stop watching the news. It's depressing and useless. If you're a news junky, this may be difficult. I haven't watch TV news or read a newspaper regularly in about two years. It hasn't hurt me a bit. Anything important, my mom tells me about. This is a tough one for me-I get so addicted to all kinds of news-local, entertainment, world-it isn't good for me and I know it, so why do it?

37. Make an awesome dessert. I like to make warm, soft chocolate cake. But even berries dipped in chocolate, or crepes with ice cream and fruit, or fresh apple pie, or homemade chocolate chip cookies or brownies, are great. This isn't an every day thing, but an occasional treat thing. But it's wonderful. That is what I am going to do next after I get off this machine-see # 10- I am going to make a coffee cake and will post the recipe later if it is good...

News Flash!!!

Special event at Loose Ends!!

Remember the old saying
"Wash on Monday,
Iron on Tuesday,
Mend on Wednesday???
Well, we can’t help you with your washing, or mending, but Betty will do your ironing!
That’s right! On Tuesday June 26, during our regular hours, 10 to 5, you can get your ironing done for free!
Bring in up to 3 pieces of clothing that need pressing, and Betty will iron them for you while you shop. What a Deal!

The Fine Print:
We reserve the right to be choosy about what she irons, No huge tablecloths or wedding dresses, or any item that could be damaged by the process.
BYOH (bring your own hangers)
Come and join in the fun and see our “washerwoman” costumes!
Loose Ends Yarn Shop
11 South Main Street
Mayville , WI 53050
920 387-9960

Well, I am going to go bake a cake! Talk to you later,

Life is far too important a thing ever to talk seriously about.
Oscar Wilde (1854 - 1900), Lady Windermere's Fan, 1892, Act I

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