Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Susan's Big Sale

Our friend Susan of Susan's Fiber Shop is having a big once in a lifetime sale at her great shop!

To celebrate the 7th day of the 7th month of the year '07 she will be having a sale of 27% off all yarns and books and 37% off all eyelash yarns! Can you believe it? It is just amazing and certainly will be the 'place to be' next Saturday! Let make sure to get over there as the sale runs all day. Anyone want to carpool from Waupun?

Also I just heard that Loose Ends Yarn Shop will be running a tour bus to Stitches Midwest in August. $40 for the bus and meals and refreshments and a day of shopping at the Market August 11. I am planning to take the bus as I drove down by myself last year and ended up driving all the way around the airport as I didn't make the turn in time! What a drag. I had a great class about Bohus knitting so I guess it made the headache worth it but I just don't care to do that again this year! Plus the bus will be a ton of fun! If you got the latest flyer from Stitches in the mail, it had a coupon for $2.00 off the cost of the market so it is a pretty economical way to go!

Looking forward to some fun and I hope to see you there!



b said...

Aw, and I really wanted to go down to Waupun this weekend. I could've stopped at the sale. bummer. Do a lot of people usually take the bus to Stitches Midwest? Is it in Chicago?

Lynda said...

The Madison Knitters Guild runs a bus and I think other yarn shope besides Loose Ends run busses to Stitches in Chicago too.