Thursday, August 16, 2007

The Exciting County Fair

Yesterday was the local county fair and a good time was had by all! My son Brian and his friend Nate and I went to the fair bright and early (8 am!) and we met my mom there to spend the day! We started the day with coffee and the boys got hot pretzels and nacho cheese-what a yucky breakfast!

This is my mom, Carolyn:

We stood and watched the judging at the arts and crafts:

Then we went over and looked at the 4-H and Junior judging for a while. Face to face judging is so valuable to learn about what you are making. It can be a little hard on the ego but it sure helps you to learn!

After the strenuous judging of the morning we broke for lunch. It had been drizzling all morning so we had to dodge the mud and raindrops and find a covered place to eat.

Then the real excitement started...judging knitting. I noticed the amount of entries was down. I didn't have that much entered as years past. Just didn't want to get myself into a tizzy about it. Just entered things that I had already finished. I entered Joe's blue tweedy cardigan, my shapely shawlette, Abel, the knitted mouse, that blue Fair Isle hat, and a purple hand embroidered pin cushion. Not that much and certainly not as much as our friend Donna T. enters but exciting anyway and worth the effort when you get right down to it!
I got blue ribbons on everything but the Fair Isle hat, which got a second.
I'm pleased and I had a great day!
Talk to you soon, with pictures of my finished Tulip Sweater...

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