Friday, June 20, 2008

Living in a Marsh

I think I have always been drawn to wetlands. I grew up in Lowell, Wisconsin and the Beaver Dam river ran behind our house. I always loved catching frogs and snakes and mucking around in the river. Then I went to school in Madison and always lived within a block or two of a lake. Madison has three lakes in town and another outside of town. Today I live the furthest from water that I ever have-three miles. But spectacular water it is! The Horicon Marsh is a major bird flyway and part of it is Federal Reserve and part is State Reserve. I just love it out here. We are so lucky to have this kind of beauty outside our door.

With all the rains we have been getting, the marsh waters are VERY high. I was going over to Mayville yesterday on Highway 49 and there was this huge snapping turtle in the middle of the road. Everyone was driving around her and someone was getting something out of their trunk to move her off the road. I say "her" because it was most likely a female looking for some place dry to lay her eggs. Good luck on that!

I have heard reports that the high water is displacing a lot of animals too. Good for the frogs and mosquitoes but not so great for deer.

Here is a picture of the flooding at our friend Bee's house right off Highway 151 earlier this week.

On the knitting front, I have been knitting washcloths. Got this lovely yarn at Loose Ends Yarn shop yesterday-in their new location on Main Street in Mayville. The yarn is Cascade Cotton Rich and it makes a really nice squishy washcloth.

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TM said...

I love the marsh,too. My favorite drive is Cty Z to 49.
Love the washcloth.... I have started the Morning surf scarf.......we SHOULD do a knitalong! TM