Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Did I Make You Curious?

This sweet little girl is Evie. She has a seal point Siamese daddy and her mom is a mix with some Siamese and beautiful stripes like I had never seen! We got her yesterday from a family out near Randolph, Wisconsin. She had two rascal seal point brothers. One brother climbed up my leg (I had on jeans, thank goodness) to see who I was! I was very hard not to take him too. He was such a bold, funny character. Evie is very sweet and gentle. Ed has been eaten up with curiosity and trying to get close to her. I have just kept myself between them so they can see each other but not touch. It is so funny to hear this tiny kitten hiss and spit-not very convincing to say the least!
Everyone her is madly in love with her and competing to get to hold her. Everything just seemed right when I talked to the lovely woman who owned the parents. The kittens were living in the house as part of the family and well used to being handled. The only difference was that they didn't have a dog in the house so seeing Ed and Bibi yesterday was a first for Eve. They will all learn to get along in time but I do want to take it slow as she is a very little kitty. It wouldn't take much to hurt a little paw or tail. By the way, she is 9 weeks old.
Anyway, as I said everyone is in love with out new addition! Our friend Terri stopped by yesterday so she is the first friend to get to see the baby. Lucky Terri! You can stop by too. Just give me a buzz to be sure someone is here and stop by and pet a darling baby!
Gotta go hold a kitten...
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