Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Fall Spin Off Magazine

Wow have you seen the new Spin Off Magazine?

I was impressed! A great article about washing wool from the always interesting Judith MacKenzie McCuin,
The Great Spinning Wheel Roundup, A beautiful wedding shawl pattern edged with pearls, an article about carding and carders by Robin Russo. I could go on and on! This issue has 112 pages! And they are really full of great information. Our friend Susan McFarland's ad for Susan's Fiber Shop on the inside back cover has a super picture of Susan.... I have wondered about Interweave Press the past few months as the issues of Piecework have gotten smaller and smaller-last month's was 28 pages! And while I know summer issues of magazines are notoriously smaller that was ridiculous! This magazine has really made me want to spin but I am still recovering from Surgery a week ago and spinning is not in the cards right now-I can on the other hand knit and have been making scarves. Four of them on the needles right now! Don't have any pictures of them either but I promise to get some pictures up yet this week. Sounds like everyone had a great time at the Wisconsin Sheep and Wool Festival in Jefferson. Also last night was the first Madison Knitters Guild meeting of the season! Vivian Hoxbro will be the speaker at next month's meeting!

Well talk to you later this week, OK?

Wearing this sweater today as it is finally cool enough for a little wool!

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