Wednesday, June 17, 2009

My Visit to Washington Island

Just got back from Washington Island and my class at Sievers School of Fiber Arts. I went with our friends Terri and Eugenie and had the best of times. It started in Rosendale at the Sisson Peony Garden and just got better from there on!

I took the class Creating & Embellishing: Mixed Media Fabric Pendant with Karen Buell. You create a mixed media fabric, composed of layers of various materials, stitches and embellishments, which can then be made into a wearable pendant. Beginning with felt and Shiva paintsticks, we embellished, then add Angelina fibers, tulle, and more, to be heated, bonded, etc. This fabric ‘sandwich’ was then stitched and embroidered with metallic thread, and embellished with beadwork. Finally, you sew your work into a small pendant/pouch, adding a beaded edging and fringe, as well as a twisted cord neckpiece, resulting in a lovely and unique wearable accessory. Tons of fun!

Here is our friend Abel at the class
Terri and Eugenie took; Willow Structures For The Garden with Donna Kallner They made 2- and 3-dimensional garden structures, using a few basic basketry techniques, low-tech jigs made from common materials, and a sustainably grown natural material. With simple variations, a 3-D “pot” trellis may become a plant tower, snow cap, tool corral, compost catcher, figurative garden sculpture or even a Halloween garden ghoul. A 2-dimensional structure with bent willow accents could be turned into a trellis or screen, and you gained the skills needed to make gates, arbors and other pieces on your own.

Terri and I stayed at Frog Hollow Bed and Breakfast.
It was really a nice place to stay and we would happily go back again!

Oh and I am the happy winner of Tesseract's Handdyed Fabric Giveaway! How Exciting! Can't wait to see the fabric in real life...Thanks for the contest Tesseract! What a nice thing...

Talk to you later,

Let each man exercise the art he knows.

Aristophanes (450 BC - 388 BC), Wasps, 422 B.C.

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TM said...

Oh, how I wish I could have beeN there! Able seems to have had fun, too.

I am thinking of you today,,Hope all goes well, Michele