Saturday, September 12, 2009

Nice Surprises

Yesterday I went to the Quilt Show in Madison put on by Wisconsin Public Television and Nancy's Notions. I don't quilt and I don't have a fabric collection. I was the driver for a couple of women from our local Craft Center. It was lots of fun-lots of people watching and I talked with a number of lovely people. AND I bought some hand dyed wool to make pin cushions and things. Really beautiful stuff and I didn't have to do the dyeing! We got there at a little after 9 am and walked until 3:30 or so, and I was shot after! I was asleep by 10 pm.
The Wisconsin Sheep and Wool Festival is on this weekend in Jefferson, too. And Stitches, a big knitters convention is on in Schaumberg, Illinois. I have gone to Stitches many times and it is a gas. Many famous knitters and authors, much yarn that you can only find on line. Didn't make it this year...or last for that matter. Remind me I don't NEED more yarn! And the Sheep and Wool is the place for unusual fleeces and great equipment-plus I'd see lots of friends there. Not going to make it to that either! It's OK-I don't need anything and I'll see friends soon at winter retreats and all.
But all this leads up to my nice surprise this morning. Our dear friend, Michele who is recuperating from a knee replacement, stopped by to return a dish. She was surprised that I was home and not at one or the other of the festivals available! I was so glad I hadn't gone as I would have missed the impromptu visit from Michele. So all things work for the best in this best of all possible worlds-Ha!

Have you been seeing all the renewed interest in the Beatles? On September 9th
The Beatles Remastered was released.

The Fab Four finally entered the 21st century when all of the band’s original studio albums were re-released in digitally remastered stereo versions. Each of The Beatles’ 12 studio albums features the original track listings and artwork, but come with expanded booklets including both new and original liner notes and rare photographs. Liverpool’s finest will also have the opportunity to reconnect with a new generation on that same day when The Beatles: Rock Band hits stores.

I am not a player of Rock Band but I do love the Beatles and it has been so nice to hear some of the more unplayed songs and I have seen both A Hard Days Night and Help a couple of times now. They seemed such cheeky fellows, didn't they? What were your favorite Beatle tunes? Blackbird Singing in the Dead of Night and While My Guitar Gently Weeps are two of my most favorite.

I have been making pumpkin and tomato and apple pin cushions from the dyed wool I bought yesterday and will post pictures tomorrow!

Talk to you later,

The more I want to get something done, the less I call it work.
Richard Bach

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