Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Top 10 Reasons to Read 2010

This picture is for no other reason than I like it! Looks pretty cuddly in there, no?

On a completely different note, I still subscribe to a librarian's list serve called Fiction_L and an interesting recent thread is the Top Ten Reasons to Read. This list starts out with this Carol Gorman Top Ten but then it continues and you may feel like adding more...

Carol Gorman's Top Ten reasons to Read, Read, Read!

Reading helps you become an interesting person. (Impress your friends, dates,
and future in-laws!)

Reading helps you learn how to write correctly. (Get good grades, make your
grandmother happy when she reads your well-written thank-you notes, and impress
your future boss who'll promote you because you express yourself so well.)

Reading develops your imagination. (Write terrific stories for school, cook up
funny ideas for friends, and maybe even earn big bucks writing screen plays for

Reading entertains you. (No more long boring car rides, waits in the dentist's
office, or too-long summer vacations when you can't think of anything to do.)

Reading teaches you about things unfamiliar to you. (Write A+ reports for
school, impress your friends, and earn big prizes on TV game shows!)

Reading takes you to places you've never visited. (Read about actors on
Broadway, bullfighters in Spain, and astronauts in space.)

Reading takes you to times you've never experienced. (Spend a week in Colonial
times, or experience the burial ceremony of an Egyptian king, or learn what life
was like when William Shakespeare was writing Romeo and Juliet.)

Reading introduces you to people you've never met. (Find out how the Amish live,
or how a fireman in New York City spends his day, or what an NFL football
player's practice is like.)

Reading introduces you to new ideas. (Learn about the beliefs of the world's
religions, why some physicists believe that time is circular instead of linear,
and how scientists speculate that our thoughts can influence the outcome of

Reading is FUN! (Laugh out loud! Gasp in disbelief! Feel your heart beating in

Reading allows you to have wild and woolly adventures (without involving bailbondsmen, your mother, or the evening news.)

Reading lets you inside the minds of people you would never
let inside your living room (serial killers, vampires, Neanderthals,
barbarian warrior queens, bankers...)

Reading allows you to love 'em and leave 'em with no
drama and no lawyers.

The more you've read, the more jokes you get.
Reading helps you connect with other readers. (You all have
something in common to talk about!)

Reading is dirt cheap.

I am sure you know more reasons, don't you?

Talk to you soon,

There is no mistaking a real book when one meets it. It is like falling in love.
Christopher Morley

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Denise~ said...

Great photo! As we drove down a nearby county road yesterday (returning from town) I spot the most glorious chicken/rooster atop his/her hut and wished I had my camera. Obviously I don't know my poultry well.

Reading - love it. New words discovered from books help me finish the crossword puzzles.