Friday, October 22, 2010

U is For...

U is For...
Last weeks' Word of the Day" were Autumn words, including Umber.
noun: A natural brown earth, used as a pigment; a reddish-brown color.

Via French from Latin umbra (shade, shadow), which also gave us the words umbrella, umbrage, adumbrate, and somber. Umbria, a region of ancient Italy, has also been suggested as an origin for this term. The color burnt umber is made by roasting umber.

The other colors were ecru, Of a pale brown color, like raw silk or unbleached linen; beige.
russet A moderate to strong brown.
sorrel A light reddish-brown color. A horse of this color.

subfusc Dark, drab, or gloomy.
My husband and I took a drive this morning and I was so enjoying these autumn colors. Nothing drab about the scenery right now. A little later when everything is umber it gets pretty dull. But not now! The Sumac outside my kitchen window is vivid! I love this time of year just for the colors!

U is For...

Unusual patterns, like this:

Bainbridge Scarf

And this:

Sunray scarf/cowl

U is For...

Oh the joys and trials of the unexpected. How wonderful to run into a friend you haven't seen in ages and get a chance to catch up. How scary to have an unexpected illness-yours or a child's.
Remember those trips to the emergency room with a bleeding little boy? Life is changing all the time so why do we find that change so unexpected? We never really are ready for that unimagined, unexpected happening.
I had the nicest talk with one of my sisters today on the phone. I didn't expect to hear from her and it was a nice connection.

My Sister and a muskie!
Talk to you later,

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