Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Y is For...

Y is For...
Well you know...Yarn!

Hand spun blue faced Leicster

Hand spun and dyed

Don't you just love these colors? I could go on and on!

Y is For...
Another yarn can be spun from Yak.

This yarn is made by Shokay which is Tibetan for yak. Shokay yarn is made of luxurious pure yak down fiber, hand-combed from the yaks in the exotic Himalayan regions. The down is spun into a Worsted-weight yarn, bringing you the same warmth that protects the yaks at sub-zero temperatures. This unique hand-knitting yarn is amazingly soft to the touch and comes in a variety of beautiful colors. Shokay yarn is perfect for one-of-kind projects and gifts and is also machine washable.

I made Joe a pair of mittens from Shokay. He guards them as if they were made of gold! Very warm.

Well, I hope this post hasn't made you yawn!
Talk to you soon,

Seek simplicity, and distrust it.

Alfred North Whitehead

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Grunniens Yak Ranch said...

Beautiful job with the yak mittens!