Monday, June 11, 2012

 This is what I am trying to do most this lovely day but I have a lot of house work to get done today too!
Here are a couple of pictures of a felted cat bed I made. Very popular with all the cats and Eddie too.

This picture has a little catnip in it-also very popular here!

This is a bad picture of a silk scarf I knit for my mom for mother's day. Hand dyed by me and bound off with beads to give it a lovely drape. It was well received!

And I finished my landscape after about 6 month's work! And what fun it was too...

after a bout of bronchitis and for Joe pneumonia, we are getting back to house work and maintenance. I need to do a ton of dishes and vacuum, get the garbage out and feed the birds and water plants! Oh and laundry-tons of laundry...  Nice day for it though!
Nice to have windows open again. The cats sure prefer to get out on the porch swing or lay in windows and who could blame them.
I'm thinking I might want to knit this:

 And this baby blanket: Baby's Breath, an old Minerva pattern that I saw knit up by a friend and just loved!

Well I'm off to play my words with Friends and then to house work!
Talk to you soon,

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