Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Half-Linen Stitch

Veena at the Knitting Guru
(www.knittingguru.com) Posted a free tutorial on Knitting For Sale this morning. Looks very nice. I used the stitch one to knit a little amulet bag, as it is a very firm stitch. Nothing will fall out of a bag knit with this one!

I finished my mittens! They are really pretty and what fun to knit!
I am staring another pair right away.
Different pattern, same style. Something from that Swedish Mittens book I mentioned earlier.

In about a month we are having new windows put in on our front porch. Up until now I haven't had shrubs in the front of our house. They had pulled out large shrubs when they put this house up for sale and I have only had ferns, hostas and snow on the mountain in the beds. Well, once the windows are finished I am going to plant some shrubs in front. I want sort of loose shapes so that I don't have to spend a LOT of time pruning and shaping. They will be nicer to decorate for Christmas too. I am starting to do a little research now as to what will be happy North facing and in pretty clay-ish soil.

These are some caladiums on my front steps. I thought they looked so pretty.

Here is a picture of my clematis, The Comptess de Buchard.

Ain't Spring Grand???

"We are here on Earth to do good to others.
What the others are here for, I don't know."
W. H. Auden

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