Wednesday, June 21, 2006

String Alongs Meeting Last Night

Last night was the regular meeting of the String Alongs. I got it mixed up and thought the meeting was last week. Cleaned house and generally got all wound up about having ten women come to my messy house and it was all for nothing, basically.
So this time I didn't worry about it all and really didn't cook or anything and the meeting will be just fine, I am sure! I just didn't have the energy to worry about it a second time! After all, these women are my FRIENDS! Had a wonderful time and talked and laughed and worried for each other and people stayed till 11:30!
It is such a nice bunch of people to hang out with.

Got this link from Sara Kleefisch posted on Sheep Thrills. Once it loads, click your mouse on the blank screen
keep moving,




It is, as Sara says, Art For Everyone!

The pigeons arrived yesterday!! Yay! They are so pretty. They all looked just fine. I unpacked them and put them in the coop, showed them the water and food and then really left them alone to kind of recover from shipping. They looked just fine this morning. I haven't caught them to see if there is food in their crops yet but will do after I finish here. I am so pleased to have birds again! Such nice animals.

Aunt Pauline is back in the hospital in intensive care. On Wednesday they took her back to the hospital and my cousin Patty was there at the time. Patty said she didn't recognize her so that doesn't sound very good. I haven't spoken to anyone yet today to find out how she is doing. I am afraid it was another stroke. I am praying that she will be all right or that she won't suffer. One way or the other that things will go as is best. It is so difficult to know what is best. She is such a neat person, I don't want to loose her from my life. Sounds like it is all about me, doesn't it? Well, I just don't want to loose her!

Well, I don't know much else today so, talk to you all soon,

A good motto to live by:
"Always try not to get killed."
George Carlin

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