Monday, July 10, 2006

Great pictures

Don't frogs alwasy look vaguely pissed off? Like we have really irritated them?
I do love frogs. I was out the other day watering plants in pots around my little pond and one of the frogs was sitting on a stone on the edge so I watered him too. He seemed to enjoy it (I water with rain water out of a rain barrel, so it wasn't cold). This picture was taken out in Horicon Marsh.

One of my chickens is missing-Steve didn't come in last night. She may not have the night before either but I didn't check on her as I was out kind of late and exhausted when I got home. She is the top chicken so I am really worried. If you think of it, say a little prayer for Steve will ya?
I went out and watered the garden and flower beds last night. Things are really dry. It didn't rain here the other day when it did in Juneau! I really need to clean up some of the flower beds. Dead head the rest of the peonies and stake up some plants.
Trying to keep ahead of the weeds,

Some think it's holding on that makes one strong;

sometimes it's letting go.

-Sylvia Robinson

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