Thursday, July 13, 2006

Anneke Doll

I got this doll pattern from a newsletter is get online about dollmaking. Isn't she sweet? I am going to make one just for the fun of it. Don't have any little girls to give her to but you never know... it really
looks like a fun project. I will give it a try and report back.

Went to lunch with Mom and Patrick today and Mom gave me the cutest knitting bear for my birthday. I will take a picture and post it.

Not the clearest picture in the world but her bag says, "knitting is my Bag" and there is a black and white kitten in the bag. That yellow thing is ball of yarn with some needles stuck in it.
Really cute.

Nearly finished with a baby sweater for the county fair. It is knit of Karabella Vintage Cotton. A simple cardigan with cables up the front and then I will make socks and a hat to go with it. The category is a bay set so you have a fair amount of freedom in what constitutes a set. The pattern has baby pants but I don't think people put knit pants on babies anymore, so I won't knit those!

Anyway it is a nice cotton so easy for a mom to take care of without ruining it!

Working on more things for the fair. I have a cashmere shawl to put in, an adult sweater and vest, my halland mittens, the monkey Stewie and a simple pair of socks. Don't know if I will finish an embroidery in time. Hope so!

Don't know too much more today so I will end here,

Talk to you all later,


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