Saturday, July 01, 2006

Hollyhocks and computers

I had a day yesterday of bad computer problems and son Patrick spent nearly an hour on the phone with Dell in the evening fixing it. It seems to be ok this morning but I am leery of trying anything for fear it will all freeze up again. It sure does help to have a computer repair type guy in the family though!
Went to Aunt Pauline's apartment yesterday for I think the last time. Got some chairs that my mother wanted and pack them in the back of my van. By the time I got them over to Mom's house I had a headache from the smell of Pauline's Este` Lauder perfume that the chairs has absorbed! I told Mom she had better leave them out on the deck for a day or two to air out. But it is supposed to rain today-70% chance with strong winds!

Here are the Hollyhock pictures I promised. They are looking really wonderful. I really planted too many for the area but is makes for a nice display. Squeezed out everything else I planted there. So much for planning.

I checked out some neat books from the library about bungalows and their style.

It is the style of my house pretty much and I really do like it. We had some thoughts of painting our house so it would be nice to choose colors that are sort of authentic.
Well, I am off to the farmer's market with Joe and then later today Brian starts his new job! Yeah! I was beginning to think he would never get a job.
Hope to get back to you all later today,
To see a world in a grain of sand,
And a heaven in a wildflower...
Hold infinity in the palm of your hand... And eternity in an hour.
- W. Blake Auguries of Innocence

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