Monday, September 25, 2006

Lavender Eye Pillow

This was my quickie Sunday project! This is available free from Interweave Knits. Just click on the link in the title of this episode of the String Alongs. It was quite tricky as you cast on to 2 circular needles and knit from there-sort of like the toe up technique I guess. Anyway it was cute and fun and got good response from my son Brian who has a cold and liked to have it microwaved and rested on his eyes or on the back of his neck.

I went with Susan McFarland to Fall River on Saturday to their savanna Art Center and
demo-ed spinning while Susan had a cute loom set up and wove. Fall River has a very nice facility especially for a town their size (about 1000 people). They were doing all sorts of things for a Fall Festival. They had quilters and people doing applique, black smiths, chair caning, antique tractors, and they were cooking their harvest of sorghum down as well. When we left they were setting up with a band to entertain for the rest of the evening.

Got some plants in the mail on Friday that I had forgotten I had ordered! Well, I did order them in late spring. Anyway I got 3 purple echinacea and a pink honeysuckle. Still plenty of garden work ahead I guess. Joe picked a huge bowl of tomatoes yesterday. And there is kale, Swiss chard, and brussel sprouts are starting to form up. I have to start cleaning up some of the crap in the beds though. The birds are really feeding like crazy too. Must be feeling the chill in the air and feeling the need to stock up with good energy.

I think I am going to offer my handspun yarn for sale. Not sure if I should use ebay or try to put pictures of the yarn up here on my blog or what. I would like to spend the least amount of money to list is but have the most viewers of the yarn that I can manage so as to sell it as quickly as I can. Have any of you ever sold yarn online? Do you recommend any certain way to market it? I am looking for input here...

Today so far, I have been knitting on a child's fair isle sweater. It will probably be a sample for Susan's Fiber Shop as I don't have anyone to give it to. I am knitting it with BROWN SHEEP: Nature Spun Sport Weight. Looking pretty good so far. When I get a couple inches knit I will post pictures.

Well, that is all I can think of right now so back to laundry and knitting.

Let's have some new cliches.
-- Samuel Goldwyn

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