Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Loose Ends Yarn Shop Audubon Days 2nd Anniversary Sale

I am the lucky winner of $50 gift certificate at Loose Ends Yarn Shop in Mayville Wisconsin and the shop is celebration Michele's 2nd anniversary in the shop this week too!
October 3-7 Celebrating LOOSE ENDS 2nd anniversary!
Celebrating Audubon Days! Celebrating Main Street re-opening
Join us for refreshments and specials every day!

Thursday October 5
Potluck at Knit Night!
15% off everything in the shop! (A few exceptions)
Friday October 6
Most Novelty yarns 25% off
What goes with novelty yarns? Chex Mix, of course!
Saturday October 7
Michele├é’s Favorite GUM DROPS!
Michele's favorite YARN 20% off
All week -Free coffee-Books 15% off-Free pattern with purchase. (While supplies last)

So friend Terri and I went over to the Shop today so I could spend my winnings and spend the day with Michele. Lots of people came and went all day and Michele's helper Betty was there too. She made up cheese and crackers and there were still cookies left from yesterday's special. It is a wonderful shop and tons of fun spending time with Michele.
I was knitting on my next t-shirt rug so I was covered in lint from the t-shirts, and of course I had on black pants!
I bought yarn to knit more baby hats and got patterns for a hat that looks kinda like a bumble bee and like a cow! Real cute stuff. I also got more green to knit up another of those leaf elf hats as that was a real cutie too. I think Ireallyl am in a lucky streak cuz when I got home there was a check for me from my friend Sandy for a layette I knit that she bought for a niece. Maybe I should buy some lottery tickets?!??

This is the leaf elf baby hat..Isn'tt it adorable. It is a free pattern from Knitlist:

Well, this is just a quick note as I am running over to choir, I promise to post more often!


Money is better than poverty, if only for financial reasons.
Woody Allen(1935 - )

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