Thursday, October 19, 2006

Animal Pictures and the October String Alongs

This is Iris at the Computer-

We met over at Bee's house last night and had a good turnout in spite of Susan being out of town and Michelle and Maryanne not making it this time. We had good food and good stories. Lots of show and tell. I always have such a nice time with the String Alongs!

I started teaching a purse class at Craft Center this morning based on a pattern from Knit Picks. I order the patterns from them but I think people will do variations as the pattern was shown in a cotton and Modal blend and some people are doing it in wool. I think we are going to change the lining and straps too. Actually the pattern is show with bamboo handles. It is sort of a sampler purse in that it uses a bunch of different patterns and colors. I think it is going to be a fun class. I am knitting mine in cotton that I bought at Loose Ends Yarn Shop.

I am also posting some animal pictures today. I thought it about time that you could see the squeekers! They are so sweet. They are really growing fast. I think they will have to start spending at least the day out in the coop and then maybe coming in at night for another week or so. I think it must be boring to be in a kennel all day. Not enough to look at and stimulate the mind!

I have a chance to buy a Norwegian knitting book called Selbu:

It is a book full with traditional Norwegian patterns for mittens, gloves, socks, knee/thigh highs, hats and scarves for either adults or kids. It takes a while for all of the pictures to load, and there is a load of them too. Officially this book was only for sale in Norway and only if you bought the yarn for one of the projects. But a woman from the Socks Knit-a-Long group who has a friend in Norway was able to order a couple and now one of the buyers has backed out. Their loss is my gain!

More animal pictures:
Here is a picture of my keeshond, Bibbi:

Isn't she lovely?

That is Iris' behind. I just had been down to feed the babies and everyone likes to come and watch . I think it is because the Pidgies make such a racket that the other animals think I'm killing them or something!

Well, Hope All Is Well With You,


The point of living and of being an optimist, is to be foolish enough to believe the best is yet to come.
-- Peter Ustinov

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