Friday, October 06, 2006

My Next Rug

Here is a picture of my most recent rug. This one worked up even quicker than the first. I do like the look of it and it is a great way to use up the old t-shirts.

I am about half finished with a pumpkin baby hat knit with Dale Yarn Baby Ull. It is a superwash wool and very soft and pleasant. It should be a cute hat! Got it at Michele's Loose Ends Shop with my $50 winnings! I couldn't be enjoying it more! Thanks again Michele!

I have been listening to Eragon by Christopher Paolini. Publishers Weekly said:

In the first volume in Paolini's planned Inheritance trilogy, 15-year-old Eragon discovers an odd blue gemstone while exploring an infamous stretch of forest. It is a dragon egg, fated to hatch in his care. Eragon quickly develops a psychic connection with the female dragon that emerges, whom he names Saphira ("His emotions were completely open to her mind, and she understood him better than anyone else"). Eragon narrowly escapes doom with Saphira's help, but the uncle who raised him is killed, setting up a robust revenge/adventure tale. The scope quickly expands: Eragon turns out to be the first of a new generation of Riders, a lodge of legendary dragon-riding warriors killed by the evil King Galbatorix. As a result, he becomes the focal point in a war between Galbatorix's forces and the resistance efforts of the Varden. Paolini, who was 15 years old himself when he began this book, takes the near-archetypes of fantasy fiction and makes them fresh and enjoyable, chiefly through a crisp narrative and a likeable hero. He carries a substantial Tolkien influence-fanciful spellings of geographical names, the use of landscape as character, as well as the scale and structure of the story itself. But his use of language dispenses with the floral, pastoral touch in favor of more direct prose. The likeness does not end there: the volume opens with a detailed map of Paolini's world, and ends with a glossary and pronunciation guide for his invented language. An auspicious beginning to both career and series.

So Far I am really enjoying it. My son Brian recommend it to me quite a while ago and I am finally getting around to it. The second installment has already been published.

Here is something I thought my friend Mary would enjoy as she has a cat named Magoo!

American Slang Word of the Day:
magoo [orig. unkn.; perh. an elab. of goo]
1. Theat. a cream pie thrown in slapstick comedy.
2. a. an important person. [Popularized in the 1932 Broadway comedy by Hecht and Fowler.]
b. a useless or foolish person. [Recent use prob. infl. by Mr.Magoo, profoundly nearsighted cartoon character introduced by UPA Studios and freq. seen on children's television into 1970's.]
3. sex appeal; (also) stuff; thing; situation; the right stuff, etc.—used in a vague way to indicate the subject of conversation.—usu. constr. with the.

On a sad note, our friend Pastor Dave is moving out today. He has been living across the street from us for 5 years and we will miss him a lot. It is very hard when friends move away. He has been an important force in our church to bring it to the 21st century and I am just praying that we don't slide back into our old ways when he is gone.

Well, it is Friday night and I have no plans at all. I did get a new bag of bedding for the pigeon coop so I know what I will be doing tomorrow-cleaning coop! What fun, but it needs to be done-the pen has quite a pong right now! Wish I had some firewood. It would be nice to have a fire this evening.

Here is the latest fom Powells Books Newsletter-Fup is the Store Cat and seems quite interesting kitty, don't you think?
FUP. STORE CAT."I'm going to hibernate," Fup tells Bagheera, because Bagheera believes everything. Few friends and acquaintances would argue that he isn't the most gullible cat in Portland, which is odd in light of the fact that he's also one of the most skittish. Words he trusts. Strange noises, surprises, puppies and other unpredictable objects, not so much.
How long does winter last? Several months at least. Bagheera wants to know, "Don't they want you to make appearances in the store sometimes?"
They're building a soundproof chamber behind glass so customers can watch me sleep."
Bagheera nods.
It's too easy. It really is. Throw a story out there; Bagheera will grab it like a wiggling strand of yarn. Sure, ethical implications arise, but soon enough the truth will come out. Must Fup always daydream alone?

Talk to you soon, hope you are reading something great too,


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