Saturday, November 04, 2006

What to Knit?

Well, I just finished two baby hats. Another pumpkin hat and a pink bunny hat. I have some white fingering yarn and will make another Duckie hat as the other one is already sold to a woman that Terri works with at Quad. I am going to continue to knit baby hats for the craft sale, "Avenue of Angels" in December. BUT, I need to knit some other things and pretty quick for the sale. Any ideas? Last year or maybe it was the year before I knit felted bunny slippers and those went pretty quick on size 10 1/2 needles and they sold! What else do you think might be good?
Maybe baby sweaters? I need to think small and relatively quick. Don't want to put a lot of time into things that won't sell for much money. I have to say I am not feeling very creative. This always happens to me when I have to knit under any kind of pressure or deadline. It just dries me up and I can't seem to think of good things to do. The hats have been fun but they really can't be the ONLY thing I bring to the sale, can they? Or maybe I should just focus on one things and variations of that?
On another note, (pardon the pun), I have started listening to some Christmas music. Very light stuff-not full blown carols or anything. I have been listening to George Winston, and to a fellow named Billy McLaughlin who plays mandolins and lute. They are kind of Celtic/new age types and really lovely and low key.
I have also been listening to a group called CANTIGA that plays old English dance tunes. And to Childgrove that also plays the dance songs. Really pleasant and cheerful music.

It was so sweet when I went out to feed the birds this morning. I have the baby pigeons in a separate coop so they get enough food and water with no competition. I stuck my hand in to feed them and the one baby cuddled right up in my hand and tried to get me to feed him! They still look at me as MOMMA. I think I will always have a bond with them because of the hand feeding. It was really special and I sure do love them. Hope that doesn't sound too silly when talking about pigeons but they are really special animals.

New Girl cat is still without a name. Joe keeps saying that a name will come but she has been with us for nearly a week and still no name! I wouldn't mind any suggestions you might have.
What do you think of Elenor? Or how about Monday (Joe's suggestion)? How about Coco? She is really a dark seal point Siamese. How about Agatha? Email me any suggestions you have; we need help!!

Talk to you real soon,



nana said...

Hi, naming a cat is hardsometimes. I am sure she knows her heart name already, and maybe even the litter name ( tailchasers song, good book by the way) She just needs to tell you.

One day you will look at her and know what she wants to be called.

It was the same with my two furbabes, it took a few days, but the names revealed themselves, and they even come running after hearing their names called, if they are not involved into mischief too much tolisten :-)

lacelibrarian said...

I know you are right! It will just take some time. I am leaning heavily toward Coco right now, though. She is so lovely and I am very happy she found us!

Lizardknits said...

How about Toasty? With her dark brown edges (feet/tail/head) and brown middle, she looks like the way my hubby burns - er - browns toast!


lizard_knits AT hotmail DOT com

lacelibrarian said...

Oh that is good! I just wish she would come out more and maybe even play?? I could get a better feel for her personality that way.