Thursday, November 09, 2006

Haven't Posted in a Week!

I just realized it has been nearly a week since I posted to String Alongs!
Soo Here I am Back at the Computer!!
What do you think of this house? Isn't it cool? It is for sale here in town for $164,000.
It has three bedrooms and 1 & 1/2 baths. It has an open staircase, hardwood floors and woodwork and a fenced in back yard for the animals! Isn't it a beauty? To me this is really Victorian Charm!
I got a couple of neat things in the mail this week. My Shetland fleece from the Staten Island Fiber Guild finally got back from processing and it is a gorgeous batch. Sort of a creamy brown/grey. Really nice, I want to be spinning it but I should be working on items for a Christmas sale I put things in the end of this month!! I have been working on baby hats and I want to have the beaded/hand dyed silk scarves ready. I also make hand creamy and needle felted figures for lapel pins and small stuff like that. Anyhow that is what I should be working on-not spinning!
I also got that Selbu Norwegian Knitting book this week and it is stunning! It is in Norwegian but it is all charted so I should be able to figure it out pretty well. It was sent to me from Luxembourg by the nicest lady so I am excited to start knitting out of that too. I also got the book Sweaters by Hand by Helene Rush. It is an older book about knitting garments with handspun yarns. This is a very nice book with some useful information for designing with these yarns.
I got it very cheap from Alibris. Great source for out of print and older books at good prices.
In keeping with the Norwegian theme or Scandinavian anyhow, I have been listening to Beowulf. I got an Audio Book of it and the reader is very dramatic. Believe it or not, Beowulf is one of my favorites! Those Norse men lived large!
and they fought dragons and whatever Beowulf is...It's not completely clear what he is-some kind of evil monster. Mostly evil cuz he likes to eat Vikings!
I do so enjoy the tales and can just imagine the smoky halls and the singing of heroic sagas.
I think our new girl is going to go by Coco. I am convinced to start calling her Coco and we will just see how she responds. I am sure she knows her name, now can we share it with her? She came and sought me out this morning. Before anyone else was up, of course but, she did sit on my lap and was very affecionate so the signs are good. She is putting on weight well too. Her fur isn't shiny yet but one step at a time, I guess.
I hope you are staying healthy! Some colds are going around so take more Vitamin C and zinc if you are around anyone with symptoms!
Talk to you later,
As I see it, every day you do one of two things:
build health or produce disease in yourself.
Adelle Davis

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