Tuesday, December 26, 2006

The Second Day of Christmas

Joe baked over two hundred dinner rolls for Christmas! He always takes a bunch to the dinner served at a local church on Christmas day for people who would be alone or wouldn't get a dinner on Christmas. Then he takes bags and bags of them to my mother's house and people just love them He baked both white and rye rolls this year. My mother always says she loves Joe's buns for any big family meal.

Went to my mother's house for the second day of Christmas but we are now home and can start cleaning up the mess here! Brian started putting his futon together and made an even larger mess in his room, so I guess I will take the vacuum up and start to clear it out. He lives like a barbarian! Ruining the value of My Home! I swear he has to move out after graduation or I will cause him harm...

Oh big surprise about KoKo! Not only is she NOT pregnant but , are you ready for it?
She went into heat! I was pretty sure she was pregnant because she had gotten so round in the tummy but now I guess it was just such a difference from when we first got her and she was so thin that I was mistaken in thinking she must be pregnant. Well, really this is very good news except for the caterwauling in the house!
Anyway she and Eddie are sure getting along well. Actually she loves everybody right now!
Well I hope you had a wonderful Christmas. I am glad the rush is over and now I can settle back and actually get some fun stuff done around the house. I think I will be starting a crazy quilting project too. I need to be stitching for a while and give my hands a little rest from knitting-well that is AFTER I finish my mom's socks for Christmas! Can you believe I didn't get them done in time? I have about three more inches and I am FINISHED! YAY!
Talk to you later,

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