Saturday, December 23, 2006

The Holiday Has Begun!

Yes friends, the holidays offically began yesterday at about 5 pm.! I am so pleased. Joe (dear husband) is on vacation for the next 12 days! I had a grande mariner brandy at 5 o'clock when the sun was over the yardarm and we played scrabble last night too! I finished my Christmas cards and will devote today to baking cookies.

Just have one more quick gift to pick up and then I will start the wrapping. Oh I feel just great! Really I suppose you could say the holidays began when I went to the party Wednesday night at Michelle's. A good time was had by all and I crawled in to bed at quarter to 2!

One of my nephews, Andrew should be home this Christmas. He lives in Florida. He had been in the Navy and now is a bouncer at some bar! so much for the great education one recieves in the military...Anyway he is my godson so I still have to think of something for him. And it is hard cuz he certainly doesn't need anything warm so I guess some kind of gift card or such.

I do have to go over to church for the program practice this morning to check and see if the powerpoint is set up properly for the pieces and music. The woman who's turn it was to make the powerpoint presentaion has strep throat! She has a kid in grade school so they bring home those fun germs! anyway I used fractals as the backgrounds for the slides and they look surprisingly christmasy to my eye.

Aren't they beautiful? Go take a look at the website. They are amazingly diverse. Here is one more:

Well, off to finsh up a few things and then bake cookies!

Talk to you later,


VISUALIZE!!! See it, feel it! This is where action begins.
(The process of visualization brings a focus into mind where it becomes a reality of sorts.
The subconscious knows no difference between what we choose to imprint by visualization
and what we experience as life. It literally takes all in for further reference. The more we repeat the process the easier it is to access.)

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