Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Happy Fibery New Year!

Happy New year to you and I hope this will be the best year yet! I do make a resolution usually and this year both my husband and I resolved to clean the attic up and throw away the stuff we haven't used in years. So far so good! We have been cleaning the attic out and now have everything staged down to the front porch on it's way to the Dump.This is all for the best AND we can now walk into the main attic without moving things around to get into it.

I have to pick up Koko at the vets in a minute. She went in to be fixed yesterday. The operation went well but she was coughing when she woke up out of the anesthetic so they put her on an antibiotic just to be safe. She is also looking little patches of hair and so they did a urinalysis to see if she had a urinary tract infection or something but she doesn't so now we will just watch her to see if she looses any more hair. Could just be stress from being in heat. That really takes a lot out of a kitty!

I am almost finished with a pair of fingerless mitts for me made out of Skacel's Divine. That is a yarn of 70 % alpaca, 20% silk and 10% cashmere. It is really a luxury yarn. Feels really soft against your skin.

Here is a picture of Mom's Christmas sock. I will be giving them to her today at lunch finally!

I am having lunch with Mom and my niece Jackie in Watertown. Jackie got a job working for the city of Watertown as an engineer. It will be really nice to have her nearby!

Well hope you are all healthy and looking forward to what the new year will bring. Hope it is even better than last year!
Word of the Day:
(noun) [ah-KLIV-i-tee] 1. an upward slope or grade, as of a hill:
"The long acclivity leading up to Julie's classes was painful in the morning, but it rewarded her with a beautiful view every night on her way back home."
adjective form: acclivitous
Origin Approximately 1614; from Latin, 'acclivitas,' from 'acclivis': uphill, ascending ('ad-': toward, to + 'clivus': slope).

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