Thursday, January 25, 2007

I Hate Computers!

Oh I am just tearing out my hair today working on various computers!
The lap top at church needs to have Power Point reinstalled and one of the numbers on the key code is unreadable! So I am just guessing and trying everything I can think of.
And when we planned the new computer purchase, Patrick assured me that everything was saved on the second hard drive on the old computer and when we got the new one we would just install the second hard drive in the new machine and all data would be there easily without having to copy and move the stuff bit by bit.
Well, that didn't work as the new computer's ports aren't right for this hard drive so I guess I will start moving shit file by file! And I can't get me email set up on this machine as passwords and stuff aren't working so I am reading email on the other machine. So if I don't respond to something in a timely manner it is because I can't get to it readily!
O, I hate computers....

Poor Koko the cat is so stressed from living with all these other animals, that she is compulsively licking herself and she has created all these bald spots. I am so worried about this poor animal. She is really not happy here and I don't know what I can do for her. I am trying to give her plenty of hiding places so she can get away from everyone and I have started playing games with her a lot so that she can work out some of her extra worry energy. I think that some kind of anti-anxiety med might help but we haven't gotten to that point quite yet I think...She is a sad animal and I know that she has memories of starving and being unwanted so I am really trying to make her home happy but so far I don't think she is very happy. Maybe with time and care?
She is starting to look like one of those Cornish Rex kittys that have no fur. Her skin under the fur is dark so she looks like a rat! Poor, sad kitty.

I am going away for part of the weekend to a knitting retreat at Susan's Fiber Shop. I feel like I really need to get away and not worry about things for, oh maybe 24 hours? Sometimes it just gets to be too much-my role as caregiver and disciplinarian, all house work, and all animal care.
I know that I have gotten all the animals. And I know that I wanted children. And I know that Joe cooks so I have to be happy that he helps with anything, as many men don't!
But, and here's the inevitable but, sometimes it just gets to be a lot to manage. How did I do it when I worked outside the house? How do you all do it when you are out of the house 8-10 hours a day? I am sorry if this sounds like too much WAA-ing. I guess I am feeling sorry for myself today!

They are playing lots of Mozart on the radio today though and that certainly helps! He soothes the soul! I forgot that the Magic Flute from the Met was on TV last night and missed all but the last bit of it. It certainly looked like some VERY interesting costumes-wish I had seen the whole thing. Truthfully I am more in a Wagnerian mood with all the Norse mythology I have been studying lately. Dragons and magic rings and all that sort of thing! I love it!

Oh well, I better get going. I came home to have some lunch and here it is 2 o'clock already!

Talk to you later,

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