Friday, January 19, 2007

New Computer

We got a new computer yesterday and need to put it together today. I will get the new one and all games will stay on this old computer! I am so excited! this should help with our space problems a bunch!

Joe took today off from work and we are going to run to Madison for a while and do a little shopping and have lunch. Not sure where we will lunch today. We kind of have a circuit that we hit. The Mexican out on Park Street, The Indian over by East Towne, The Vietnamese on Odana, The Thai on University, once in a while Olive Garden, sometimes Panera, The Mexican by Micheal's at East Towne. I think that is most of them. None of them really leaps out at time this morning! I guess I am not that hungry yet.

I also am looking for more threads for my new embroidery. I got some of the background basted on the main color. I have a path and some dark brown for hills on and some greens and golden colors for shrubs. I also have a sort of puddle of grey silk for water to baste down and then I will start cutting trees. Once I get the big pieces on I will start the actual embroidery and then who knows where it will go.

Here is a picture of Joe's sweater. It is coming along really well. I have the

second front on the needles and it is moving along really well. You know, it is just possible I won't need any more yarn for the sleeves. I have three more large skeins of 250 yards left and that could be enough! I guess that it is ok that the company never got back to me, but we will see!

Here is a picture of the heart sachet. I got the Koigu from Susan's Fiber Shop. She had a huge box of it when I stopped there last week. She had just gotten it in and there were some great colors as usual! As I knit this I remembered why I love knitting with Koigu. It just feels so nice and the colors are wonderful! Not the best picture but you get the idea...

Talk to you later!


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