Friday, January 19, 2007

The String Alongs for January

We had a wonderful get together Wednesday evening at my house. The String Alongs are such a nice group of women and I enjoyed having them here. I had promised to keep it simple because my hand was still in not great shape from the cat bite and I wasn't going to cook anything. We ordered a big pizza and Michelle brought some Spinach Pie. I had cut up veggies and dip and Sandy brought little individual fruit cake slices. May brought some wonderful cookies and so did Janet and Michelle. Terri brought a tin of mixed salted nuts. I think that is everything-sorry if I forgot what you brought! The last people left at 11:30! I just had a wonderful time! Bee got the swelling out of my hand and it is feeling a lot better now. Just a little black around the knuckles and joints!!

One thing I brought up to the group was a pair of mittens I am knitting in an Estonian pattern from Piecework. The pattern is called Paistu and is just beautiful but knitting it according to the magazine is resulting in a mitten far too small to even try on my hand. I don't want to knit something that elaborate for a child. But the consensus was to finish the mittens and some one of the ladies (maybe you, Sandy?) will be able to wear them! Sounded like good advice as ripping out knitting like that would be very difficult! I will take a picture of the mitten and post it. It really is a pretty thing.

Saw part of an awful movie called Grendel on SciFi last night! I love the poem Beowulf and this movie version of the story was Really Bad! In checking to see who was responsible for this travesty I found out that there is an animated version in the works slated for release in November of this year and Robert Zemeckis (of Polar Express fame) is directing it again with that action capture type of animation. AND, here is the exciting part, Neil Gaiman is co-writing the screen play! This may actually be good. This is a pretty bloody battle story and all tied up with Norse mythology so it will probably be a pretty dark film, not meant for little kids. But I can't wait!
Well, I have to go take Eddie to the vet. He has ear mites and an infection in his ear so I need some drops and what not! Then over to Mary M's to take back her shawl and then on to beaver Dam to have lunch with my mom and go to the library. Busy day, so talk to you later,

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