Friday, January 19, 2007

Seed Catalogues

I have started to really look at the seed catalogues that came before Christmas!

Have you ever seen Romanesco? Veronica is the variety here, with very symmetrical, absolutely lovely lime-green heads topped by tightly-beaded, pointed domes. Supposed to be excellent raw or cooked, it boasts a milder, sweeter flavor than white Cauliflower, to say nothing of its appetizing visual appeal!
Native to the Mediterranean coast of Italy between Naples and Rome, Romanesco is often called "Italian Cauliflower," and it is a member of the Cauliflower family. Veronica is one of its most spectacular members, with lime-green heads, perfect spiraling, and a crisp, rich flavor that works well fresh or cooked.
Veronica grows vigorously, demonstrating excellent heat tolerance. Best as a fall crop, it should be picked young, when the heads are small, for the ultimate in tender flavor.
Park seeds sent me this info and it certainly is an interesting vegetable!

Or how about this? Baby Cucumber Cucino (Cucumis sativus Cucino) These mini Cukes make perfect snacks and canapes.
46 days. The perfect size for a single-serving salad, a snack, and a canape tray, these charming 2- to 3-inch baby Cukes are a gourmand's delight. With smaller seeds, less water, and more "meat" than full-size Cucumbers, they have a crunchier, more satisfying bite. And two bites is all you get -- they're the perfect pick-up nibble!
Cucino is very adaptable to unseasonably cold or warm climates, and very easy to grow. It needs no pruning, and its fruit is a fat-free source of potassium and vitamin C.

Looks really great!

We always plant kale. How about this one?
Finely curled, deep red leaves are sweet and tender, this is Redbor Hybrid. It looks so uniform and erect that it's perfect for garden design, and it's also so delicious you've got to grow a few in the vegetable garden, too!
Redbor's finely-curled, deep red leaves are sweet and tender. This plant grows well in spring as well as in fall, though unseasonably warm weather may prevent the best red color from emerging. In the annual flower bed it's the ideal companion to Snapdragons, Pansies, and more! Kale is a cool-weather crop, and the drop in temperature triggers Redbor's young green leaves to turn red, so plant in earliest spring and fall for best results. It matures about 65 days from sowing.
I am starting a new embroidery. It will be a landscape and use some of the beautiful hand dyed wools that Michele P. gave me for Christmas. I am planning in my head so far but will cut fabric today as well.
I finished the heart sachet for the class I am teaching and it turned out very pretty. The knitting was tight enough that I didn't put the lavender inside anything, just poured it into the sachet and none leaks out!
I am starting the front of Joe's cardigan. I still feel I need more wool for it and after four emails unanswered I will try calling the company today to order more wool.
Well I will talk to you later,
enjoy the beautiful snow!

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