Monday, February 05, 2007

Everyone Home...

Well, school was canceled and everyone was home today, including my husband who got to come home early from work too. They only kept the essential people, not the teachers at prison today. So, Yay! it was nice to have everyone here, including Brian's friend Nate who is just like another one of my kids. He ate lunch here and he and Brian went out for dinner.
Joe made some really nice chili for supper and nice hot subs for lunch, yummy!

We put together a new stand for the TV and took the huge entertainment center up to the attic to wait until Brian cleans his room up enough to put the big thing in his room. Then the desk that he has his TV and game console on will come down here for Patrick so that he can everything on one table. What fun-and what cobwebs behind and under the thing. That brings to mind this thing I heard once at an exhibit at the Field Museum in Chicago. You are never more than 3 feet away from a spider, anywhere on earth! I believe it but mostly don't want to think about it!

Anyway, the entertainment center was way too big for my tiny living room so it makes the room look a little larger to have that big thing out of here. We hardly argued at all while putting it together!

I worked on my embroidery some today. Got the tree trunks in and some leaves. Started some of the silk ribbon and stitching. This is the biggest embroidery I have started so far! The scope is broadening!

It is in the beginning stage and I will post as things happen to it. It takes a long time to finish something like this so you can watch as it changes.

I bought some cashmere from Susan's Fiber Shop and I think I will knit this Shetland pattern with it.

This pattern is from
Looks really lovely and I have knit that Print o' the Wave before.
Hey, did anyone watch Masterpiece Theatre last night? It was based on a book by Phillip Pullman who also wrote The Golden Compass, the first book in a three part series called His Dark Materials. Really superb series and though it is considered Young Adult, it is very complex and thought provoking. Anyway, The Ruby in Smoke was in many ways disappointing.
The woman that played the main character plays Dr. Who's new sidekick on SciFi and is quite a good actress. The character in this story is a strong, smart young woman. But, the villain-ess is played by the same actress that plays Mrs. Weasley in the Harry Potter movies so that was hard to take. And the end of the story was very weak and left some characters' story lines unresolved, I was poised to love this story and it really didn't work for me. Too bad! They are in production of the the movie of the Golden Compass and now I am a little worried. They had better not botch this as this is a really well loved series!
Well, that is all from here-try to stay warm!
Of all noises, I think music is the least disagreeable.
-- Samuel Johnson

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TM said...

Sounds like you hade a nice day with the family, I did, too. Love the embroidery, I hope you don't have sore muscles tomorrow from all that furniture moving. Michele