Tuesday, February 06, 2007


Got this new pattern today from a newsletter by Bonnie Franz called Stranded. I thought it was cool but my husband suggested that no one I know would wear them! What do you think? Are these just too gaudy? I wouldn't like to do all the work of knitting them and have no one really like 'em.

What do you think of this sweater? This is a free pattern from Bonnie Franz. Looks very wearable to me...now that I look a little closer, you have to have the original Interweave Knits' Summer 2003 Special Occasions issue to knit the changes she designed for it. Oh well, I usually don't buy the special issues unless something really hits me and I don't think I noticed this sweater at the time. Darn! Maybe the Madison Knitting Guild has a copy I can borrow...
Didn't do any embroidery today-and I hate what I did yesterday! I feel like ripping it out! Why am I so blocked today when yesterday it was just flowing? I will leave it alone for a day and see if I like it again before I do any ripping!
Oh well, the moon must have moved to a new depressing stage!
I will post again soon, when I am in a more postive mood!


TM said...

I thin those socks are wonderful! Joe is reacting to the color, I think....... I would make them in something a tad less bright. I am sure that I have that issue of Knits somewhere,,,,,,,tomorrow morning I will have a look for it.

Lacelibrarian said...

I am coming to visit you today so maybe I can look at that issue if you have it?