Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Fun Weekend

Had a great time in St. Nazianz this weekend. Very relaxing and I met a ton of new people. Carol Wagner and friends really put on a nice retreat. The bad news is, I don't have my camera as I left it in my knitting bag there at Maria Haus! Drat!! Joe's sweater was in it and all my knitting notions as well. I was just sick when I realized it. Carol said she would send it to me but, in the meantime it is like loosing your best friend, sort of....

I turned the heel on my Pieces of Eight sock:
The yarn i chose is so pretty-Dale of Norway Baby Ull in a soft gray and pale yellow. I toned down the colors and it looks great-will post pictures when my camera gets home.
Went to Madison Knitters Guild last night. Judy Pascal of Shapely Shawlette fame was the speaker. What a lively and interesting woman. She is getting into beaded knitting which works really well with the Koigu that she uses so much. Quite an enjoyable evening but as the night went on I started feeling crappy-sore throat and head ache. This morning I have a raging sore throat and I feel like going back to bed! Brian has had this-he thought he had strep throat! So I guess I have him to thank for feeling like crap warmed over....
Talk to you when I feel better,
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