Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Origami Sweater

Remember last week I posted the picture of the origami sweater by Bonnie Franz. Well, I owned a copy of the Knits Summer 2003 and looked up the pattern It was originally written as a baby sweater. Well, the amazing thing is all she changed to make it an adult sweater was the thickness of the yarn and needle size! The numbers all stayed the same pretty much. I was amazed and thought there must be something missing but that is all there is to it. The thing I find a little much is that it is all garter stitch, which I am afraid I would find pretty boring after a while. JUST MY OPINION but I like to have something more to think about after awhile!

I stayed home from Church Ladies last night as I am not feeling all that great and didn't want to give that to the old girls and they were going to go visiting shut ins and THEY certainly don't need any stray bacteria! So I watched the Westminster Kennel Club Show in Madison Square Garden and WE WAS ROBBED! Here is the dog that should have won!

PETIT BASSET GRIFFON VEND√ČEN The PBGV is a pack dog, one of 28 French hound breeds, with a natural rough wiry coat and outgoing, active and independent personality. The breed traces its origins back about 400 years, and is the shortest of the four Griffons Vendeens breeds, hence the "petit" (meaning "small") in his name. This happy, extroverted dog has a good voice, which he uses freely. The breed was recognized by AKC in 1991. He is a busy dog who requires adequate exercise on a daily basis to be on his best behavior. Though cute, he doesn't live a sedentary lifestyle.

Celestial Cj's Jolly Fairchild was turned on and performing last night. I just can't believe she didn't win. She even barked a little. I don't know what the judge was thinking but he was WRONG!

This was the best in breed Westie
Jen-Mar's Handsome Highwayman Certainly makes me understand falling in love with this breed! What a fine looking fellow! Ed won't let me keep his head combed out like that-as soon as I do, he shakes his head and messes it all back up.
This is what the AKC says about Westies:
Possessed with no small amount of self-esteem, the West Highland White Terrier is an all-white, compact, sturdy package of frolicsome energy. His ears stand up naturally and his tail is short by nature's design. The breed was developed in the Highlands of Scotland for the hard and dangerous work of destroying vermin. Though independent in nature, they enjoy participating in Conformation, Agility, Obedience and Tracking, but their favorite activity is Earthdog Tests -- designed to test his natural instincts. Life with one of the 'little white dogs' is never dull and can be a challenge to the unsuspecting first-time owner.
Well, I am glad I got to watch the show last night. It's my sporting event of the year and I look forward to it. The Westminster Kennel Club has a great website if you are dog crazy like me. Take a look!
Well, I am going to crawl back under the covers. I am just freezing sitting here! Take care, we will talk more soon,
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TM said...

I saw just a little of the dog show. Boy, that description of the breed sure fits ED!! i hope you are better soon, call me when you have time, Michele