Sunday, February 18, 2007

Not a great picture but here it is!

Well, I guess I feel sort of let down today. I finished Joe's sweater and it is GREAT! Looks good on him and fits well. The buttons are a success-really it was one of those projects that just went right all the way through.

But, now what? I have the stockinette part of the Pieces of Eight sock to finish.
And I started another heart sachet on Saturday while teaching it at Loose Ends.
I have a bunch of UFOs that I could dig out but do I want to? Oh No! I want to start something new...a sweater for me! I think I am still on a plateau from Joe's sweater. But I would like to knit a top down yoke sweater or another one with a shoulder strap. That turned out so nice on Joe's.

I have searched through all my knitting magazines to find the right sweater but no luck. I think I am going to do something similar to Joe's. I just loves the way the shoulder strap looked so I want something like that. And something with a few cables but not all the way, just on the ribbing maybe. And I think I want a crew neck but not really high. I bought some purple wool from knit for sale or knitswap or something. It is from China and all I can tell is that is is wool. Mrs. Tu said it was "superior yarn" but that just sounds like advertising! I have started swatching and it is a nice smooth yarn that would show stitch definition well. Anyhow I guess you could say I am on a mission and I will keep you posted on how it goes.

I could always get back to my bog jacket knit with handspun. I have a lot knitting done on that and needed to do more spinning but I have more handspun so I could get back to that. I guess while the new sweater is brewing that would be the thing to work on!

Today is Brian, younger son's birthday. He turns 18! I asked him how it feels and he said, Now I can buy cigarettes. How did he get them before? stupid child...

I am going along to traffic court with Patrick, older son, today. I just pray they choose not to take away his driver's licence, but our insurance rates just go up and up! Fun stuff!

It could make it to as high as 40° today! Yay! I think the chickens should get to come outside for the day! I know they would just love to get into sunshine and who can blame them?

Doesn't her hat kinda look like that ganomy hat of Elizabeth Zimmerman? I think she looks like a pleasant old lady but the picture was titled knitting hag gnome. Well let's just say she makes hag look pleasant.
Hey I just noticed she only has one shoe on, but she has her broom!
Well, I am off to feed chickens!
Have a great day,
It is bad luck to be superstitious.
-- Andrew W. Mathis

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