Thursday, February 15, 2007

Got my Camera Back!

Here is my Pieces of Eight sock so far. Now I am just doing the boring part. Sure did enjoy the color stuff though! I decided not to knit two colors in the heel or toe. I will make the toe pale yellow but not two colors! I like the way it is looking.

Got my knitting bag in the mail from Carol Wagner and Hidden Valley Woolen Mill. She really got it to me quickly and I am so glad! Got both sleeves in and I am knitting the shawl collar. Then you pick up and knit the button band.

I am so pleased with the way it has gone together! It will be a nice serviceable sweater, that he will use, I think.

And here is one of the projects I worked on this weekend-a needle felted pillow top taught by Kathy Gies of Wool and Needle in Fond du Lac.

Hey, I have to go watch Ugly Betty! Talk to you later,
If little else, the brain is an educational toy.
-- Tom Robbins

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TM said...

Hey, Tom Hanks looks great in his sweater!

Thw socks are great, the needle felting took my breath away!!!I want to learn! I will call you today,,,,,,