Wednesday, February 07, 2007


Those socks from the stranded newsletter are made in a yarn called Sisu Maskenvaskbar. So as I was trying to find out what yarn that actually was I happened on the Sandnes Yarn website. I think they make the Sisu yarn but I am not sure. What they did have was this cute pattern book. Aren't these guys a gas?

They also had a pattern book for the most beautiful baptismal dress I have seen for a long time! Isn't this lovely?
Take a look at the web site. There are some nice things there.
Hope to get over to Loose Ends in Mayville today. We are having a warm spell-should get up to 13° today so I will try to get my car warmed up and go out! Maybe I can get re-inspired on the embroidery?

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TM said...

hey, we have Sisu at Looose Ends!