Monday, February 26, 2007


Back then there was a mouse so big

A heart ungenerous and cold

The sainted birds who catered to the spring

passions from a common spring.

The above quote is from a spam I got today...Who are the sainted birds? Storks? Ravens? Pigeons? How do they cater to the common spring? I wonder...
How big a mouse?

Just asking...


TM said...

I am laughing so loud,,,,the cats are scared and Dave might wake up!!! Your big mouse is adorable and he looks like he gets the joke.

Sainted birds,
just some words,
Spammed to you,
what will you do?

"catererd spring" caught your eye,
and since it worked, you might buy,
from a mouse,
a drug for you spouse?

(I get spammed all the time for male enhancement drugs)


TM said...

i am still laughing,,,,,,,, it must have been A HUGE MOUSE