Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Madison Knitter's Guild

Went to the monthly meeting of the Madison Knitter's Guild last night and learned a couple of things: The Madison Knitter's Guild is the oldest knitting guild in the country! and at one time Elizabeth Zimmermann wrote for their newsletter. The speaker last night was Molly Greenfield a Master's candidate at the School of Human Ecology (home ec, as it was) University of Wisconsin-Madison. Molly is a charming speaker and took us through her evolution as an admirer of Elizabeth Zimmermann. She had a nice powerpoint presentation and it was really an enjoyable program. I took a class at Stitches Midwest with Molly last summer and I think she is destined to go far! I didn't quite have my baby surprise sweater finished. Never fails, I didn't have it ready by the Guild's deadline but, I don't usually show my things off at the MKG anyway and it is being knit for Susan's Fiber Shop anyway!

Oh and guess what I found out (probably late as usual for me)??? Guess what magazine actually has a new editor? Interweave Knits has a new editor Eunny Jang. Well she is a fantastic designer but the first issue of Knits under Eunny's tutelage really sucked, IMHO!! I sure hope it doesn't continue with the "hip" tiny clothes and clumsy layout. Check out her blog (click on her full name) to see some really wonderful free patterns. I hope things get better in the magazine too!

Do you know about the PurlsSoho website? They have a lovely website and some free patterns including Purl Critter. Those of you who know me, now that I just love knitted toys. Well I think this critter is my next project! I thought he was adorable. They also have a tutorial for a lovely pincushion which is on my list as well!

This is the kind of sewing I can manage quite well!

Hey enjoy the gorgeous day outside! It is actually warm here!

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Rikki said...

Well you will have to wait until the Fall 2007 issue to see Eunny at work. Interweave press release said that magazines have been laid out through summer under Pam Allen's tutelage. So don't bash Eunny yet!

Lacelibrarian said...

Don't mean to bash Eunny! I complained about this issue before I knew she had any involvment in Knits...Really Knits has always been my favorite so I may seem too propriatary but, I always balk at change. Human nature I guess.