Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Pin cushions and Fair Isle Hat

Brian playing Guitar Hero
in my new fair isle hat...
The picture doesn't do the hat justice but
Brian is quite handsome, not that I am predjudiced...
I made some pin cushions today in between working at church and doing a ton of laundry and having church ladies Bible study this evening. These things are great fun! The blue one is some Japanese fabric that Michele P. gave me for Christmas and some hand dyed wool for the tops, also part of the Christmas basket. The plaid one is some lovely flannel I had laying around and the top is more hand dyed wool. Stitched with cotton pearle and a few french knots thrown in for good luck.


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TM said...

I told you that was a great hat! and handsome model! The pincushions are lovely, you had a productive day. i wish I could say the same about me,,,,,, oh, well... see you soon, Michele