Monday, March 19, 2007

Sweaters Finished!

I got two, yes two sweaters finished this weekend! Granted both of them are small: one really tiny for Abelard and a baby surprise for Susan's Fiber Shop.

Here is the Baby Surprise, the classic sweater designed by Elizabeth Zimmermann. I still have to put the buttons on it and I have enough yarn left to make a hat and maybe even socks! I have knit this sweater before and it is a fun design. I like the look of the variegated yarn that I got from Susan. It is blend of wool, acrylic and a little alpaca! Nice and soft and machine washable.

I don't know how well you can see Able's sweater but it is a little Aran sweater and was a lot of fun! I made it up as I went along and the collar is a little high. If you fold it down it makes the neckline too wide. Maybe some kind of button would help, but I don't know.

This fabric is a napkin that I would like to make a shirt for Abel with, to wear under his vest. Terri said she would help me with a pattern and sewing a shirt. Terri said she has designed and sewn lots of Barbie doll clothes and while I think Abel may be a little more plump than Barbie I think that would work well!

I was knitting Able's sweater at my mom's house on Sunday for our Saint Patrick's Day celebration. I walked in the house and Mom handed me an Irish Coffee! Earlier in the day (7 am) my sister, Jeanne and I went to the small animal swap meet at the local fair grounds to look at the ducks and ornamental pigeons and most of all, to look at the people! There were pygmy goats and geese and ducks. Some alpaca and puppies-beagle pups and springer spaniel. Also a few kittens and some pet rats. Oh and the Mullets! One couple had a His & Hers mullet! Many people in camouflage and folks that looked as if they were trying to grow dreds. Long unkempt beards and hair-really you name it, it was at the fair Sunday morning at dawn! I just love the idea of a market like this. If the NAIS really gets enforced, I am afraid things like this will never happen anymore.

Then we went to Walker's in Beaver Dam for coffee and breakfast and to warm up. Really a good time! And my sister Ann came down from Green Bay to have the corned beef boiled dinner at Mom's. She is in the process of getting her house on the market. Her husband passed away from pancreatic cancer a little over a year ago and her kids are out the house so she doesn't want to take care of a four bedroom house and large lot anymore! I can't blame her but I don't think she will like living in a condo-neighbors are too close and she has had her own space for all the years. Well, she can always buy something smaller in time.

I hope you all had a restful weekend and you are now ready to face the week!
ps. Koko the cat is looking for a new, non-pet home again. Anyone know of a home for her please comment on the blog...


TM said...


TM said...

Sorry about that first mixup...... Able certainly ia a well dressed chap. I like the high collar, he looks ready for bad weather.
About the swap.......I remember people watching as the best part, too.. BEAGLE PUPS??? I wish I'd gone!! Michele